5 Things You Must Consider Before Hiring a Private Investigator


Are you in need of a Private Investigator Perth to conduct surveillance, a background check on your employee you are thinking of hiring, or are you worried that an employee may be stealing from your business? Perhaps you need to organise surveillance for a family law matter or domestic issue, or maybe you need to investigate a complex fraud matter.

Well, thankfully, an investigator isn’t someone we all have on speed dial and finding the right private investigator Perth to help you with your matter is an important first step. We have written an in-depth article on private investigator cost. When it comes to hiring private investigator, you can’t just hit the search button on Google and reach out to the first person or company that pops up in the results.

Here are a few things that you must consider before disclosing any sensitive information about your case.

1. License and Insurance

Don’t hire a person merely because he or she says “I am a private investigator.†If you’re hiring a PI, it must be a sensitive case requiring discretion and skill. You can’t just hand the case to the first company you find. Every private investigator in Perth is required tobe licensed by CAPI (Commercial Agents & Private Inquiry Agents Act 2014).

Check their profile thoroughly and see if they have a current license and the type of licence. Being a consumer, you have the right to ask the investigator to show their license and corporate licence information. Licensed private investigators generally haveabackground, training and experience working with law enforcement and other government agencies.

Also, verify that your investigator has public liability insurance.

2. Background and area of specialization

From finding missing persons to executing surveillance or investigating complex fraud matters most of the private investigators Perth will help you investigate just about anything. However, some investigators are more qualified than others at handling different types of cases.

Therefore, depending on your requirements, you must hire a PI with relevant background and expertise.

3. Investigation Methodology

Before hiring private investigator, talk to him or her about the process he/shewill use to handle and investigate your case. A truly experienced and expert team will discuss a strategic plan with you which clearly sets out how they intend to investigate your particular matter. Remember, each case has different variables and each investigation is unique.

Also, remember that the private investigators are mostly involved in delicate confidential matters and may have access to sensitive personal information to allow them to complete your case. Whatever methodology they use, you should be aware of their investigation process and methodology and be comfortable with it.

4. Private Investigator Perth Reviews and Reference

If you look for private investigator reviews online, you may be able to shortlist some of the best candidates for your case. Apart from the online reviews, you can also ask them to provide references from their previous clients. Some may be willing to provide these depending on the nature of the case in question and who their clients are.

5. Private Investigator Perth Cost

When it comes to pricing, every investigator or investigation company tends to charge for their time differently. Agencies usually don’t advertise their rates on line and being a consumer, make sure you clarify hourly rates, charge out points, kilometre rate and reporting charges and ask the private investigator Perth to give you an estimate so you have a clear understanding of the amount you are willing to spend. Therefore, it’s necessary to find out in-depth information about private investigator Sydney cost and make sure that the pricing is transparent and clearly documented in a contract.

You may find several private investigators in Western Australia, but before hiring an individual or an agency, it’s important to understand what he can legally and ethically deliver. Considering the things mentioned above will save you from unrealistic expectations and trouble down the track.

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