Private investigators Perth receive calls from people who have been the victim of a crime that the police are not able to help them with. The police would like to aid everybody and are generally ethical, but a lot of people discover when they deal with the police that the force is understaffed, under-resourced, inexperienced and unable to handle the sheer volume of reports of criminal activity. 

Yes, provided that we are informed that the police are also on the case and the client has given us all the information regarding the police involvement. It’s actually a really good idea to get our assistance alongside that provided by the police because sometimes they don’t treat cases with the seriousness that people desire.

When the person under observation becomes aware that he or she is being observed, the surveillance then falls under the category of stalking and harassment. This is because, in the eyes of the law, the operative is now aware that the person is fearful of being followed. 

That depends entirely on the nature of each individual case we investigate. Every matter is unique.