Partner/Spouse Surveillance Investigations in Perth

Surveillance Investigations

In instances of cheating spouses, they might have a secret rendezvous pub after work for drinks, followed by a trip to their lover’s place. One or more researchers may adhere to the issue and/or their lover and capture digital photographs or videos of their interactions in public.

Here are 3 standard examples of the circumstances we encounter and our surveillance plan:

  • Cheating spouse/lover
  • Real-time customer access to GPS tracker program
  • if you have to discover the truth for your peace of mind!

Our private investigators services in perth gather evidence for you through surveillance operations which have digital photography, digital video and automobile monitoring. When you hire Perth Private Investigators for surveillance, you are benefitting from more than three years of expertise.

Fixed Surveillance

Our private investigators are experienced in multiple surveillance scenarios and have the abilities, patience and discretion to unobtrusively detect your goal in order to gather the evidence you need.

Stakeout and mobile surveillance

Motion-sensitive digital movie cameras are left unattended near the topic, and their actions are listed. An investigator is needed to drop off, aim and regain the camera and recording equipment.

In circumstances of worker’s compensation fraud, the suspicious activity may entail outdoor jobs where using a vehicle with an HD digital video camera may record activities.

Investigators may place a specific location under surveillance to monitor a topic and track their movements after they leave, either on foot or in a car or truck. Sometimes, a GPS monitoring device may assist in monitoring the subject’s movements.

The kind of surveillance needed depends upon the nature of the activities in question.  Our private investigators use professional tactics and equipment to secretly monitor, follow and document a subject’s actions and interactions.

The goal is at a fixed location, and the subject’s actions and interactions are generally documented using one investigator at a time. Researchers might be changed out for fractures and to decrease the chance of detection.

Perth Private Investigators has 34 years of experience in active surveillance and mobile tracking. We provide professional prices for your short-term job or ongoing operation.

In instances of infidelity, child custody, and alimony elimination, the defendant’s activity occurs at their house or other frequented location.

Mobile Surveillance Examples

  • Travelling loved ones — we specialize in airport and resort cases!
  • Workers Compensation Fraud
  • Alimony reduction/termination
  • Ever-present smartphone cameras
  • Multilingual investigators

We use the most recent technology when running a surveillance evaluation. This includes HD cameras, GPS tracking devices and much more.

    Private Investigator Video Surveillance

    Private investigators often use video surveillance as part of their investigations. This can be a valuable tool in many different types of cases.

    For example, video surveillance can be used to gather evidence in divorce cases, child custody cases, and infidelity cases. It can also be used to monitor business premises or to investigate employee theft.

    Video surveillance can be conducted in a number of ways. Private investigators can use hidden cameras, visible cameras, or both. They can also use a combination of video and audio recording devices.

    Hidden cameras are often used in video surveillance. These cameras can be placed in a number of locations, such as inside a room or office, in a vehicle, or in public places. Hidden cameras can be used to record video and audio evidence